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my god, i struggled today something terrible! i was so hungry all day… - it takes two to tango [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Oct. 24th, 2005|07:26 pm]
my god, i struggled today something terrible! i was so hungry all day and had no means of getting anything low in points to tie me over until the meal time. however, i am very glad that i refused still steaming hot fried clams and crab cakes that were offered to me at work while i was so hungry nor did i get anything from the vending machines...ww definitely helps with the power to say no, and then some. that's awesome, really! never had THAT power before!

i usually ignore the fact that i have the flex points - at least as long as i am getting used to the program and use them to fix any point "mistakes" i may make, i.e. miscalculations and similar...but tonight i used 3 of them on purpose and treated myself to half a muffin - and i feel so much better now - i rewarded myself for successfully getting through all that struggle today...i savored every bite, just last month that 1/2 muffin would have been just the beginning of a feast...

speaking of flex points - this week is the first time i would have a serious reason to use them - and that's my birthday. thankfully, my traditional b-day dinner - sushi - is amazingly low on points, so i may not even need them for the b-day dinner! b-day cake is a whole different story, though. my husband is very much into cooking and baking and traditionally spoils me rotten with food, especially on my b-day...this year he wanted to make his signature cheesecake, a pie, cookies, and creme brulee...all for me! just a month ago, i soooooooo would've let it happen, since all of these goodies are to die for...BUT...this year i had no problem telling him that he should spread it out a little. i am letting him make the lime cheesecake and will have just ONE slice of it - he can have as much he wants to and the rest will be brought to my parents and stays there. the (one) pie will be moved to thanksgiving, (one kind of) cookies to christmas, and (one bathc) creme brulee to new years. that way i have a reasonable shot at staying within the points for the holidays, learn how to remain in control even with amazing food around, and my sweetie gets to bake to his heart's content.

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